Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Big Red Barn

An artist I much admire is the late Jim Flora (1919-1998) , besides illustrating childrens books and magazines, he also did terrific album covers (jazz and classical) for RCA and Columbia. Check out his work, it's great fun. Here I've picked one of his album covers (his colour palette was always limited which added punchiness to the work), not because I think its his best but because the colour palette inspired me to limit mine to a similar range for my picture book, BIG RED BARN. It's a simple counting book, where the farmer enters his barn to attend to his animals, when it gets to 10 Geese Honking he opens the big barn doors and all the animals come charging out. Had this with an agent for over a year, but she couldn't place it and in fact gave up on the picture book market ('too tough right now') to concentrate on teenage publishing. Another agent I contacted also echoed the tough conditions and said she wasn't taking anything on but I still hope to get it published, or maybe self published one day...who knows !

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Illustration Friday

An illustrator friend of mine pointed out this site to me - its an illustration site for creatives of all levels just to have a bit of fun. When I looked at it I noticed this weeks theme appeared to be 'baby'. As it happens I was uploading this (unpublished)  greetings card design at the time to HAI (, which I've just joined). Its an image which I intended as a congratulations card for a new baby, in which I used an old paperchase character of mine, ( I haven't had it published yet but then again I haven't really hawked it around). So here's my first contribution for illustration friday !