Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Christmas Cards

I'm delighted to have my work up on for the second year running - royalties have been modest but very welcome - but now they've expanded into the US with both offices and a dedicated US site, so who knows could go better - in the meantime, this years paperchase card (pictured) is in the shops and as you can see I introduced a slight hint of topicality into the design - hope it goes well, they've already bought another design for next christmas...but it's a tad early to be posting that one up...

Friday, 13 November 2009

Where I (now) work

A few weeks ago Creative Review had a 'show us your work space' type article running, and I quite wanted to post my new studio up there - trouble was at that stage it wasn't finished and I was, despite building it on and off for 2 months, having serious problems finishing it, so much so Tim the builder had to come to my rescue as we battled over 2 days putting it all together in lashing rain (It weighed a ton too which didnt help, I'm a light weight illustrator after all !).

After a lot of hard work the result - a fantastic work space I'm thrilled with and better than my last studio on a farm which was a tad cold and damp and got broken into (losing all my hardware, note to all digital illustrators, back up and keep the back up elsewhere). Trouble is this is only a few paces from my backdoor so no more cycling to work - so out with the jogging gear ! That's all for now as I'm busy with Christmas commissions (before it all goes horribly quiet over christmas !)

Friday, 17 July 2009

The Ashes 2009

Cricket, paint drying material for some , passion for others - this illo I did today, as 2 quick Aussie wickets fell, should tell you where I stand on the issue ! Comon England !

Monday, 13 July 2009

Emoti bots

Carrying on with the robot theme - I was going through a vintage tin toys book when I became inspired to create the above illustrations. I started with the dog - which is an almost faithfull reproduction of a 50's tin toy, but from there took it off into new characters. I may well put these up on as I think they could make a fun set of mini cards, and may add more characters.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Manga Studio

I was down the pub with my friend (and illustrator par excellence)  Peter Richardson and he was enthusing about a piece of software called Manga Studio - in particular the speed and way in which the software handled brush stokes - having had numerous attempts at tweaking brushes in illustrator (and not achieving what I want) - I was keen to try out something new, so downloaded it yesterday and although I am on the 30 day trial, I shall no doubt be buying this excellent piece of software. After shelling out for CS3 its refreshing to find software priced at $39.99. I'm on the initial learning curve (and I've gone for the debut version as opposed to the all bells and whistles EX version (quite a bit more expensive). Its been around for a while and there are posts on you tube about it for those interested in taking a look. In the meantime here's my very first experiments. I placed a pencil sketch on a layer and drew on a separate layer using the brush tool. This is a bitmap program (vector brushes available in the EX version) but nevertheless produces sharp clear line (the default working environment is 600dpi) and it exports to photoshop too.