Friday, 24 April 2009

Manga Studio

I was down the pub with my friend (and illustrator par excellence)  Peter Richardson and he was enthusing about a piece of software called Manga Studio - in particular the speed and way in which the software handled brush stokes - having had numerous attempts at tweaking brushes in illustrator (and not achieving what I want) - I was keen to try out something new, so downloaded it yesterday and although I am on the 30 day trial, I shall no doubt be buying this excellent piece of software. After shelling out for CS3 its refreshing to find software priced at $39.99. I'm on the initial learning curve (and I've gone for the debut version as opposed to the all bells and whistles EX version (quite a bit more expensive). Its been around for a while and there are posts on you tube about it for those interested in taking a look. In the meantime here's my very first experiments. I placed a pencil sketch on a layer and drew on a separate layer using the brush tool. This is a bitmap program (vector brushes available in the EX version) but nevertheless produces sharp clear line (the default working environment is 600dpi) and it exports to photoshop too.