Monday, 17 May 2010

Work in Progress....Elly Book 4

Had this lovley review come in today from :

"Meet Elly the Reindeer. A cute little book character with 3 apps already out that are just adorable. Elly and friends like ‘Aapo’, ‘Fin’ and ‘Snowy Owl’ go on delightful adventures in ‘The Birthday Party’, ‘Elly Goes to School’ and ‘The Windy Day’.

The apps have clean and beautifully structured illustrations, that make excellent use of colors and proportions, really helping on our kids’ visual education. Stories are simple and fun, the ones that kids ask us to read over and over.

Although these are straight-forward books, with no voice, sound of interaction, the stories and illustrations are so nice they are worth having on board of our touch devices."

Michel from iphone4kids sent me a nice email too asking when the next Elly was due - well Michel I'm hoping mid June and here's the cover get ny head down....

Thursday, 6 May 2010

So How well Is Your App Doing ?

So, once you've got your apps out there, aside from marketing them to app review sites how do you know how well they are doing ? Well for one my developer sends me a weekly spread sheet of sales (approaching a total of 1000 downloads a week + ago), which is great and I can also see which country it gets really popular in ! Another method is to visit say apple itunes in the states by clicking on the flag on the bottom left of your itunes (if you're in the UK like me). I did this today to get the ipad book chart as Elly book 1 to 3 all went ipad in the last week - well the good news is I'm at no 30, 56 and 58 in the top paid ipad apps (books section) - thrilled by this I'm now awaiting the sales figures for the last week - keep you posted. How else can you monitor though ? Well I also found a site called which is currently free during open beta and provides rankings figures for your apps throughout the world on daily/monthly basis, on iphone or ipad... plus top grossing apps etc.

I found that I got to No 17 in books briefly in the states, that Elly was also featured on new and noteworthy in the states (which I never knew) and finally that I got to No 10 in Costa Rica, wow thank you Costa Ricans every where !