Thursday, 25 March 2010

Elly the Reindeer APP - book 2

As I type, and await sales figures for ELLY BOOK 1, I am finding that to get the thing reviewed on one of the myriad of app review sites is a challenge indeed. I do get replies, mostly saying that we may get round to reviewing your app, but if you part with some readies then we'll review it more quickly (but they stress that the handing over of money does NOT guarantee a necessarily favorable review). But after much perseverance and emailing, iphonemom emailed me saying she found Elly a delight and will review the app in early April. What's interesting here is that she has an angle, that the iphone is not just a boy's toy, or adult toy for that matter. In fact in my researches I found that the Americans have embraced the childrens based app far more readily than over here, with an ever growing list of educational apps, childrens books etc etc. The french too, especially AVE! Comics have thrown themselves into the graphic novel app big time, with well over 100 titles - I find it surprising that some of the big names in childrens publishing here in the UK are not up there yet - Dr Seuss has been launched too on itunes with a fanfare and advertising banners - so are UK childrens publishers rabbits caught in headlights , or, are they about to launch big time ? Perhaps someone in the know out there can tell me....Oh, the picture is Elly Book 2 (goes to school), which is nearly ready to go - Book 3 is under way and I'm looking at getting french versions out soon.

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Peter Richardson said...

Wow! These images look so cutesome! Can't wait to get my mitts on the set, I think Elly is just perfect for e-publishing and like you Jon, I'm amazed that UK publishers are so far behind the curve on this. This country used to lead the world in publishing innovation, it seems that committees rule as opposed to visionary and driven publishers (I'm thinking Peter Kindersley, Sebastian Walker, Tom Maschler, Andre Deutch, Tom Boardman).

The good news is that with new technology comes new opportunities for creatives and the sleeping leviathons that many publishers have metamorphosed into (due to corporate thinking going hand in hand with corporate mergers) are becoming less essential to getting work such as Elly in front of the right kind of audience.